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Join 1333+ developers building real-world projects, backed by Figma designs, user stories, and AI-driven insights.

Join 1333+ developers building real-world projects.

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Latest projects

Web Project - Tic Tac Toe
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Tic Tac Toe

A two-player game focusing on aligning three symbols in a row on a 3x3 grid.

Web Project - Quiz App
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Quiz App

Interactive web quiz with 10 new questions in each playthrough.

Web Project - Music Player
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Music Player

Application for seamless song playback with fundamental controls.

How it works

Time to escape tutorial hell

To truly grasp coding concepts, transitioning from learning to hands-on project building is key. This not only solidifies your knowledge but introduces you to new technologies, laying a robust foundation for your portfolio.

This is the way to become a BIG Developer.

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Use our cards to wear Developer shoes

You'll emulate the real-world developer workflow: estimating tasks, implementing them, and then reviewing for completion. With clear user stories and acceptance criteria, you're not just coding — you're problem-solving, planning, and executing based on real requirements and designs.

Stuck on a project? Use AI or discuss with peers

Meet Elise - your AI Project Buddy, always ready with insights and guidance tailored to your projects and cards. For deeper discussions, our active community awaits. Together, they form your safety net as you build and grow.

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Level up your coding skills

With every project and card, earn XP and unlock new achievements. Turn each coding session into a celebration of progress. See where you stand among other like-minded Developers with our leaderboards and aim for the pinnacle.

Unleash your

coding superpowers

Get started today and build your dreams into reality!

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