Level up your

Frontend skills

Build real-world projects with professional designs, powered by GitHub automation.

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Develop coding skills with an intuitive workflow

Our structured and work-simulated approach ensures an engaging and interactive learning experience.


Choose project

Pick a project that matches your interests to start a journey towards advancing skills and expertise in Frontend Development.

Every project includes

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    GitHub starter repository

  • Green checkmark iconLearning cards icon

    Cards with user stories

  • Green checkmark iconFigma icon

    Figma design

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Select working mode

Start a project in Freerun or Speedrun mode. Freerun comes with cards and community support to learn new skills, while Speedrun is designed for challenging yourself without guidance.

BigDevSoon's available project modes, Freerun and Speedrun


Hands-on code

Put your skills into practice by understanding project requirements, selecting your preferred technology stack, and implementing the project based on Figma design to build out your own unique solution.

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Community support

Let's create a community where you can empower learning, skills, and achieve your goals. Connect Discord in our app to receive help, code review, and project feedback actions through automation.

BigDevSoon's community actions, help, review, project feedback


Submit solution

Ready to show off your skills? Submit your project solution and try to pass our checks. Select project's title and primary technology used. You'll also get to check out others' solutions for inspiration.

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Master the art

Remember Bruce Lee's wise words: 'I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.'
Embrace this philosophy as you progress through projects, exploring new technologies and refining your skills with each attempt.

BigDevSoon's example new attempt and technology

Transform your projects into an captivating showcase for employers

Elevate completed projects to new heights with a visually appealing portfolio. Show your skills, technologies, and experience through an immersive page that speaks volumes about your expertise.

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Become visible to recruiters

Build a stunning portfolio to showcase your skills, technologies, experience, and unique projects to potential recruiters. Impress them all!

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Activity tracking

Get ready to level up your skills with our activity system! Keep track of weekly stats and access project history with ease. Stay motivated and see your progress firsthand as you continue to build and complete new projects.

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Ignite your learning journey with the gamification factor

Embark on an electrifying learning adventure by gaining experience, spending coins, unlocking achievements, and fueling motivation through gamification elements.

Gain experience

Level up, have fun, and climb the ranks by earning XP.

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Spend coins

Collect Bigcoins to use actions and get ahead in the game.

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Unlock trophies

Get bonus XP and show off your trophies to the community.

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Coming soon

Compete with other users and climb the Leaderboards by gaining XP.

Get ready for this fun new feature, coming soon after our Beta release!

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Our core principles

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Real-world projects

Tackle challenging projects with professional designs and gain skills that matter.

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Connect with users, help each other, and achieve great goals together.

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Having fun

Stay motivated with engaging gamified features, and have healthy competition with others.

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Embracing Git

Work in a GitHub environment with ease, from branching, pull requests to code reviews.

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Build out your portfolio, have an impact on how we shape the app, and land your dream job.

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Work simulation

Learn how to split projects into smaller tasks and estimate them, just like in Agile methodology.


BETA Pricing

You can try out our Trial plan

without the need for a credit card

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Monthly Plan



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Billed every month

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Access projects with Figma designs

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GitHub automation & starter repos

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User cards to practice Agile

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Max 3 projects in progress

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Best Opportunity

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Yearly Plan

Save 25%



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$90 billed yearly

(3 months for free)

Monthly plan features and:

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Unlimited projects in progress

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Dedicated Discord channel

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Early access to new features

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Request new project topics

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Unleash your

coding superpowers

Get started today and build your dreams into reality!

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